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The nation depends on this strategic waterway for the transportation of vital goods and materials. Metallic ores and minerals, ferro alloys, petroleum coke, zinc concentrates fertilizers and steel are just some of the important materials unloaded here from ocean going vessels. Then by barge fleets, rail and trucks, these cargos are shipped to plants and facilities throughout the U.S. Their destinations are Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Saint Paul, Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis, Little Rock, Houston, Birmingham, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, Oklahoma and all points in between.

The types of cargo included barite, fertilizer, grain and ferro-alloys to name just a few of the dry bulk commodities trans-loaded in any number of ways from barge to ship, ship to dock, dock to rail, barge to truck-by the Port’s Marine Terminal Operator (MTO).

// Over 7.3 million tons of cargo managed in 2015.

// Cargo handled at the Port is transported to cities across the nation by barges, rail cars, and trucks.  Export and shipped around the world.

// Bulk commodities moved through the Port fuel the nation’s industries.