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Job Creation

The Port and it's lessees generating more than 800 direct jobs and 1,200 indirect jobs for St. Bernard Parish residents.

St. Bernard Port has become the economic engine of St. Bernard parish. The Port provides 18% of the jobs in St. Bernard. There are over 800 full-time employees at the Port’s terminals indirect and the 48 different lessee-related businesses located at the Port creates an additional 1,200 jobs.

The Port and its tenants create the jobs, but the success of the Port is directly related to the continued efforts of the people who administer the ports operations and manage the port's assets.

Administrators, accountants, support staff, security personnel, maintenance crews, marine captains, deck hands, mechanics, electricians, engineers, railroad engineers, truck drivers, welders, stevedores, warehouse staff, tank cleaners, crane operators and many others work hard at good paying jobs building a better life for their families and their community.