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Port Security

Now, more than ever, Port security is a top priority. Headquartered in the Samual B. Nunez Administration and Security Complex, the Maritime Security Operation Center (MSOC) is equipped with the most sophisticated surveillance and monitoring technology available today. An experienced team of security professionals work 24/7 with national, state and local law enforcement to maintain safety and to guard against manmade or natural disasters.

Over the past 8 years, a significantly increased budget has allowed the Port to add more highly trained and experienced personnel to its security staff. The increased budget has also facilitated improvements in access control and credentialing. Electronic surveillance cameras, motion detectors and lighting have been upgraded and perimeter fencing has also increased.

Security at the Port has never been better, but it does not stop there. The hard working men and women responsible for security at the St. Bernard Port are constantly evaluating new technology and procedures in an ongoing effort to prevent acts of terrorism in the future.

The Violet Terminal is currently having upgrades to security installed.  These improvements include, motorized fence gate, construction of an 140' communications tower, a new guard station and access control software.