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Arabi Calm Water Slip

THE CHALMETTE SLIP is a 1,700 foot long channel, 300 feet wide and 36 feet deep draft slip protruding at an acute angle into the left descending bank of the Mississippi. The Slip is a unique facility - a deep draft, calm water harbor on the Mississippi River. The Slip provides safe harbor to vessels loading or discharging cargoes.

DOCK NO. 1 occupies the upstream side of the Slip. It is 1,300 feet long by 150 feet wide and is divided into three berths. The dock is served by three rail spur lines with railcar loading and offloading capability. Dock No. 1 Section "C" has a 40,000 sq. ft dry bulk storage warehouse and a 40,000 sq. ft. transit shed.

DOCK NO. 2 is 1,680 feet long by 150 feet wide and primarily handles heavy-lift, break-bulk, neo-bulk and general cargo. The dock is also used to handle dry bulk commodities and is served by rail. Dock No. 2 has an additional 150-foot wide marshaling area adjacent to the tracks and 42,500 sq. ft. transit shed.