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Letter of Consent

Pursuant to St. Bernard Parish Ordinance # 510-11-01 and L.A.R.S. Title 34 Chapter 14 it is a requirement that you obtain a “Letter of Consent” from the St. Bernard Port, Harbor & Terminal District’s Board of Commissioners before you may obtain a Coastal Use or Building Permit from St. Bernard Parish Government. A “Letter of Consent” from St. Bernard Port is required for any and all construction projects/activities on or along navigable waters within the territorial jurisdiction of St. Bernard Parish. In order for our office to consider your request for a “Letter of Consent” you must supply the following documents to the St. Bernard Port:

  • A completed application form along with a One Hundred Dollar ($ 100.00) non-refundable processing fee.
  • A letter requesting a “Letter of Consent” from St. Bernard Port’s Board of Commissioners. Please include a written summary explaining the scope of the project/activity.
  • If the project is for the removal of any fixture (ex. Flow lines, pipelines, etc.), please include in the request letter the approximate start and end dates for the work being performed.
  • Copies of all submissions made to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, Lake Borgne Basin Levee District and the St. Bernard Parish Coastal Zone Advisory Committee (CZAC) including all “Letters of No Objection” and/or Permits issued by these agencies.
  • One complete set of detailed drawings of the proposed project/activity. These plans must be prepared and stamped by a civil engineer or licensed architect certified to practice in the State of Louisiana.

A complete set of drawings shall include the following:

A site plan that shows the location of the proposed project/activity (including section, township and range numbers); a graphic scale; an arrow indicating which direction is north; name of the navigable waterway where the project/activity is located; all structures adjacent to the proposed project/activity; name of the nearest community or docking/launch facility and distance to project/activity; distance of project/activity from existing shorelines and highway rights-of-way.

Elevation cross section of water bottom including the mean low tide elevation, average water elevation, and mean high tide elevation. As well as, construction plans for any structures to be built.

  • The names and addresses of all adjacent property owners and/or leaseholder(s).
  • When requesting a letter of consent to build boat sheds and/or docks, please also provide proof of ownership or a copy of the lease for the subject property.

Download the Letter of Consent Application

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