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Request for Qualifications Construction Management at Risk

Request for Qualifications
Construction Management at Risk
Reconstruction of the Chalmette Slip

Request for Qualifications

1. Introduction

The St. Bernard Port, Harbor and Terminal District (District) in this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is soliciting Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from Louisiana licensed contractors for Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) preconstruction phase and possibly construction phase services for the Reconstruction of the Chalmette Slip (Project).

The District made the decision to utilize CMAR based on the project goals listed below:

1. Stay within the $30 million authorized construction project budget

2. Minimize the duration of the construction schedule, which is currently estimated to be 720 calendar days from Notice to Proceed to Substantial Completion

3. Minimize disruption to on-going maritime operational activities at the Arabi Terminal and damage to infrastructure beyond the Project’s limits of work

These goals, which will benefit the District and public interest, can only be realized through elements of CMAR:

1. Stay Within Budget
The project funding includes $13 million in federal grant money and $13 million funded by the Louisiana Port Construction and Development Priority Program, as well as District and private funds. The TIGER Grant narrative submitted for the federal funds is attached to this RFQ as Exhibit “B”. The size and complexity of this project requires a Louisiana licensed contractor in the class of heavy construction or marine construction. The Project requires considerable experience in marine construction, earthwork, rail and pavement work. In addition Louisiana licensed specialty subcontractors may be required for work related to strengthening the existing soils and improving bank stability. Having the CMAR contractor and its specialty subcontractors collaborate with the design team will provide the opportunity to stay within budget, apply value engineering, eliminate design disputes and control costs.

2. Minimize the Duration of the Construction Schedule
The construction schedule should account for reasonable risks that impact the Project schedule such as high river stage, inclement weather, material deliveries, phasing of construction and sequence of construction. The District has a Risk Matrix accepted by the federal grant administrator available to the design team and the selected CMAR contractor. All construction work is subject to the conditions of the permits issued to the District, such as prohibiting pile driving and deep excavations during high river stages.

3. Minimize Disruption to on-going Maritime Operational Activities and Damage to Infrastructure Beyond the Project’s Limits of Work
The Project site is within the Arabi Terminal, and the limits of work are adjacent to the Chalmette Slip channel, roads, rails and the federal flood protection system that surrounds the Chalmette Slip, including floodgates, floodwalls and levees. Infrastructure beyond the limits of work for the Project are not to be damaged by the CMAR contractor and its subcontractors. Due to the age, condition, and configuration of the existing infrastructure within the limits of work of the Project and access at the Arabi Terminal, it is essential that close coordination with the stakeholders such as the District, Associated Terminals, Norfolk Southern Rail Road, USACE-New Orleans District and Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East be maintained. Having the CMAR contractor and its specialty subcontractors collaborate with the design team and all stakeholders will provide the opportunity to schedule mobilizations, demobilizations, utility interruptions, deliveries, and other activities that could disrupt maritime operations .

2. Project Scope

The Project, located at the District’s Arabi Terminal, involves the rehabilitation/reconstruction of the wharves, pavements and bulkheads at Sections A & F. The Project title is officially named “Reconstruction of Chalmette Slip”. Project site pictures are attached to this RFQ as Exhibit “A”. The site is unique in that it is surrounded by newer existing facilities that will remain in operation and need to be operational during construction. The District is seeking innovative approaches for the rehabilitation/reconstruction of Wharf A and Wharf F and other site work included in the Project, such as constructing a rail spur onto the front apron of Wharf F and building a new floodgate adjacent to the existing rail floodgate within the federal levee to accommodate the new spur. The limits of work are approximately 95,000 square feet at Wharf A and approximately 90,000 square feet at Wharf F.

3. CMAR Preconstruction Scope Services

The District will enter into a direct contract with the selected CMAR contractor for pre-construction services as listed below. If the District and the CMAR contractor negotiate and agree to a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for all construction within the scope of work, as well as agree to the construction phasing, the sequence of construction and the construction schedule, then the District and the CMAR contractor will enter into a construction contract to perform the work as per the terms of the agreement. If the District and the CMAR contractor are unable to negotiate GMP and/or an agreement of the above terms to build the Project, then the Project shall be publicly advertised and bid in accordance with Louisiana Public Law, and the CMAR contractor will be prohibited from bidding on the Project.

It is envisioned that the ideal preconstruction services in the submitted SOQ will offer expertise in the following services as a minimum:

1. Validate the conceptual design options prepared by Volkert, Inc.
2. Provide assistance to the Volkert design team during the design process.
3. Participate in design reviews at various milestones.
4. Participate in constructability reviews at various milestones.
5. Submit an opinion of probable Project construction cost initially and before the design is 60% complete and again before the design is 90% complete.
6. Submit a value engineering analysis as needed during the project.
7. Submit a cost risk analysis.
8. Submit a subcontractor bid package, if required.
9. Submit a life cycle cost analysis, if required.
10. Submit a construction phasing plan.
11. Submit a construction Project schedule.
12. Participate in review of the Risk Matrix and mitigation strategies.

4. CMAR Compensation

The District will pay the CMAR contractor for preconstruction services utilizing all-inclusive, negotiated, reasonable and customary hourly rates for the professional personnel working under the preconstruction services contract for the amount of $50,000. The CMAR contractor shall submit monthly invoices based on the percentage of completion. Payment will be paid by the District within 30 calendar days of receipt of invoices. Any subcontractors working for the CMAR contractor under the preconstruction services contract shall do likewise and invoice the CMAR contractor directly. The District will issue payment only to the CMAR contractor. The CMAR contractor is responsible for paying its subcontractors.

5. Scoring Methodology

This RFQ is the first step in the process of selecting a CMAR contractor for preconstruction services for the Project as provided by the State of Louisiana Revised Statues; R.S. 38:2225.2.4. This RFQ provides the information necessary to prepare and submit a responsive SOQ for consideration by the District’s Selection Review Committee (Committee).

After the deadline for receiving SOQ, the Committee will meet to discuss the content of each SOQ received and determine if it is responsive to the RFQ. The Committee will then individually evaluate each responsive SOQ and submit their scores to the District’s Executive Director to compile all scores and rankings and generate the overall rankings. Those rankings will be distributed to the Committee to initiate a second step in the process, if needed. The Committee may elect to interview up to three of the top-ranking responsive CMAR contractors and/or hold a mandatory meeting and site visit prior to finalizing scores or may choose to recommend award to the top-rated CMAR contractor based solely on the SOQ. The Executive Director will make a recommendation to the District’s Board of Commissioners to award.

6. Submittal and Procurement Grading Criteria

Respondents are responsible to carefully read the information contained in the following criteria and submit a complete SOQ. Any incomplete SOQ and/or SOQ submitted beyond the deadline date and time will be considered non-responsive and subject to rejection. The following criteria will form the basis for evaluating submitted qualifications:

Number Criteria Weight
1. Respondent’s Statement of Qualifications and ability to undertake the Project successfully.

Provide a general statement of interest for the Project including a narrative describing your unique qualifications as they pertain to this particular Project. Describe past experience as a CMAR on heavy and/or marine construction projects both in providing preconstruction services and construction services. Include scope, cost, location and references for similar projects. Provide minimum and maximum percent of work that can be self- performed on this particular project. Indicate all preconstruction service listed under Section 3-Preconstruction Scope of Services that will be provided either with its own work force or those of its subcontractors. Indicate ability to abide by U.S. Department of Transportation federal grant requirements, if awarded a CMAR construction contract. 30%
2. Quality Control/Assurance & Safety

Provide details on the type of ongoing program in place for quality assurance. Describe the in-house capabilities as related to construction quality management, as well as the systems and protocols to ensure compliance to that program. Describe the safety program in place for all projects, approach to safety and OSHA lost time accident rate. 15%
3. Contractor Validity

Provide Louisiana licensed contractor number, classification of contractor license (heavy and/or marine construction), bonding capacity and minimum insurance carried. Provide narrative describing bonding program, history of company and a current organizational chart for preconstruction and construction services, if they differ. Provide letter from bonding company with bonding capacity, how many years contractor has been with this bonding company, and history of any claims associated with any public entity. 10%
4. Ability to create cost estimates and schedules as well as the ability to maintain a project schedule once in construction.

The preconstruction services will require a contractor who has the ability to create cost estimates and link them to meaningful schedules in Microsoft Project, Primavera or other software acceptable to the District. Contractor shall demonstrate its abilities and availability to perform services by citing projects of similar magnitude. 20%
5. Ability to provide value and innovation on projects.

Provide examples of contributions to value engineering and innovation on projects when providing CMAR preconstruction and construction services. 15%
6. Past litigation and current pending litigation involving public entities.

Provide a summary of any pending and past litigation in the last 10 years. The summary should include the name of the public entity, approximate date of the claim, State and Parish or County in which dispute arose, the nature of the dispute, the result of any litigation or claim dispute, and the caption and suit number of any litigation. This includes involvement in claims involving the filing of liens between your company and a public entity. 10%

7. Format for Statement of Qualifications
Qualifications shall be prepared to provide a straightforward, concise description of the respondent’s ability to meet the requirements of this RFQ. Contact information shall be shown on the first page of the SOQ (Person’s name, telephone number and email address). Emphasis shall be on the quality, completeness, clarity of content, responsiveness to the requirements, and an understanding of the District’s needs. Qualifications shall be a maximum of twelve (12) printed pages (81/2 x 11) for all content, including letter from bonding company. Submissions of a SOQ shall constitute an attestation by the entity submitting the SOQ that all statements and material submitted are true and correct and any statement or information found to be untrue or incorrect or misleading by the District shall, in the sole discretion of the District, constitute grounds to disqualify the contractor providing such SOQ.
8. Submission of SOQ:
SOQ’s may be submitted via email to SOQ’s must be received by 3:00 p.m. CST June 12, 2019. Each respondent CMAR contractor shall submit one electronic copy (*.pdf format) of its SOQ to the District for review by the Committee for a quality based selection process.
Any delivery to the District of a USB containing the pdf shall be made between 9 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and addressed to Mr. Drew Heaphy, Executive Director, St. Bernard Port, Harbor and Terminal District, 3rd floor, 100 Port Boulevard, Chalmette, Louisiana 70043 prior to the above deadline.
Each SOQ shall have clear concise information relative to this RFQ. Each SOQ will be evaluated. This is not a public call for bids; therefore, there shall be no public opening of SOQs. All documents provided to SBPHTD shall become property of SBPHTD and will not be returned to the firm.
Schedule: Dates are tentative and subject to change:
Task Target Date Release RFQ May 10, 2019 SOQ Due June 12, 2019 Interview, meeting and/or site visit with 3 top-ranked firm TBD Anticipated Award of CMAR Contract July 9, 2019
9. Questions and Additional Information
All questions pertaining to this RFQ must be directed in electronic format via e-mail to with a cc to . All questions will be considered. Questions that are considered to add clarity to the RFQ will be addressed in writing with the question and answer provided to all firms that have been provided this RFQ.
If a mandatory interview, meeting or site visit is held, the three top-ranked firms will be notified of the date and time using the contact information provided in the SOQ. Additional information about the Project may be provided to the three top-ranked firms by the District at or prior to an interview, meeting or site visit.
Exhibits “A” and “B” are part of this RFQ document.

Exhibit “A”
Project Site Pictures

Exhibit “B”
If you are having trouble viewing, please contact Denise Kraesig at

See Attached File

Reconstruction of Chalmette Slip