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Our Facilities

The St. Bernard Port is comprised of four (4) main terminals that include the Arabi Terminal and Slip, the Chalmette Terminal and Intermodal Facility, the Meraux midstream Buoys and the Violet Terminal and Docks. The Terminals all provide ready access to interstate I-510, I-10 and I-610 all within 10 miles. The Terminals also have access to all six (6) of the nation’s class 1 railroads and is served by Norfolk Southern Railroad.  The Mississippi River provides water access to the Industrial Canal, Intracostal waterway, and the Gulf of Mexico.

// Cargo off-loaded at the Port is transported to cities across the nation by barges, rail cars, and trucks

// Equipped with the most sophisticated surveillance and monitoring technology available today

// Tenants and users of the Port’s facilities produce an estimated $300 million in direct and indirect spending annually for the local economy

Our Marine Terminal Operator, Associated Terminals is one of the largest stevedore companies on the river, handles raw materials at the Port’s facilities. Fertilizers from South America are unloaded and shipped by barge to the nation’s heartland to help in the production of grain crops. The produced grain is then shipped back down river to be exported. Ferrous Alloys from Central America and South Africa are off-loaded and barged to foundries where they are made into steel for automobile manufacturing. The Port handles 95% of all barite imported from China which is then transferred to barges and shipped to plants in Louisiana to create drilling fluid mud for the oil industry. Steel from Korea is off-loaded and shipped to Pittsburgh and Chicago. Lumber, metallic ores, minerals, ­petroleum, metallurgic coke, zinc concentrates, aluminum, steel and copper products are all handled at the Port’s terminals.